What is The Robo Hub?

Centrally located in the beautiful, historic Brickyard building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Robo Hub is an intergenerational, local community space.

We Build Robots.
We Build Futures.

Our Vision

The Robo Hub seeks to create a world-class robotics community center serving local families.

Of course we’ve got robots. We’ve got LEGO, drones, interactive games, 3D printers, laser cutters, and other maker equipment. We’re digital and analog. We love to learn, teach, explore, and play.

Above all, we’ve got an amazing team and we’re building a community of kids, parents, educators, artists, technologies, and entrepreneurs, starting with our most important audience: kids and parents.

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Meet the team

Lisa Healion

Childcare Specialist | Coffee Lover

Talk to Lisa about your child’s needs.

Matt Segil

Education Director | Traveler

Ask Matt how he builds inclusive communities.

Noah Fisher

Robotics Instructor | MIT Grad

Chat with Noah about his robotics projects.


Rick Martin

Program Manager | Artist

Check out how Rick combines art and technology.